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Increase Your Value as a Business Coach – Find Funding for your Clients

The world is changing. The brick and mortar stores that we grew up with are rapidly being replaced by the wild world of e-commerce. That is why business coaches are in demand; the internet has leveled the playing field, giving small business owners access to global markets in ways never before dreamed possible. In this new universe of a million start-ups, there is a real need for competent business coaches to help put dreamers on the path to success.  How significant is the need for coaches in e-commerce? One estimate puts the failure rate of new enterprises at 80%. There is plenty of room for growth in coaching these businesses.

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we understand. As a premier provider of e-commerce, we’ve helped many online businesses get started. We allow small businesses—even high risk ones—to obtain the merchant accounts they need to accept credit cards online. E-Commerce 4 IM also helps online companies set up the web hosting, marketing, and fraud prevention they need to succeed. In addition to all of this, we offer unique funding products that can help business coaches take their clients’ ventures to the next level.

Add Cashflow Ideas to Your Business Coaching Toolbox

Now, we know what you are thinking—business coaches are focused on facilitating learning. The job of a business coach is to bring a fresh perspective that helps both start-ups and struggling companies find their own paths. Business coaches don’t typically do “financing and funding”. Your coaching clients can only take advantage of the things that they know. For e-commerce entrepreneurs, increasing capital through funding when traditional financing is unavailable can be a powerful way to grow their businesses.

That is where E-Commerce 4 IM comes in. We are experts in securing funding for online businesses.

What’s the Difference Between Funding and Financing?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there is a critical difference between a loan (financing) and funding. Financing refers to traditional business loans from a bank. As a coach, you are well aware of the implications of loans. There usually are plenty of strings attached to business loans: needing extensive collateral, requiring an impeccable credit history, and a solid history. For high risk businesses, such as supplement e-commerce sites, nutra product retailers, affiliate sales, and adult-oriented businesses, getting a business loan is next to impossible.

Funding is entirely a different animal, and it is an avenue of obtaining capital that E-Commerce 4 IM can help provide. Funding is not soley based on the business’ credit score. Instead, the money lent to the enterprise is also based on cash flow: your client’s business can receive money that is based on their outstanding invoices and projected sales. Funding comes without the strings that are typically attached to traditional business loans, and since there are few restrictions on how the money is used, funding capital is available to almost any type of business.

How We Can Help Your Clients With Their Cashflow

E-Commerce 4 IM is uniquely positioned to help business coaches present new and unique options for funding to their clients. We shop around for the absolute best deal for each of our funding customers. E-Commerce 4 IM’s network of funding partners means that your client won’t just find the funding they need but the funding that has the terms that work best for them. We offer options for short-term, invoice based, merchant account, and equipment funding. And, with E-Commerce 4 IM’s years of high risk merchant experience, we are uniquely qualified to help you provide choices for your clients, even if they have had past credit issues or operate a business that is on a “prohibited list.”

The growth in internet marketing creates a real opportunity for you to grow your own business as a coach. By 2020, e-commerce will account for as much as $4 trillion in annual sales. Why wouldn’t you want to work enterprises in that dynamic space?

When you are brainstorming potential growth plans with a coaching client, or if you are advising your client how to get themselves out of a temporary cash shortfall, don’t forget the funding option. If you’d like to learn more, E-Commerce 4 IM would love to talk. Contact us at 1-800-570-1347 or through our website.

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