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Merchant Accounts for Adult Toys

The world of e-commerce has grown enormously over the last decade or two. A huge variety of business types and services are now selling online. Among them, you find the adult toys and products industry, which is certainly booming. That said, while adult toys businesses are becoming very profitable, they are considered a high risk industry type. Historically, this high risk industry experiences high chargebacks, fraudulent charges, and higher than average dispute rates. Therefore, it’s imperative that adult toy businesses have a stable merchant account. At E-Commerce 4IM, we will help you connect with a merchant account that is customized to fit your high risk business needs.

Whether you sell adult toys, novelties, or other adult-related items, a merchant account that will unlock your business’ profit potential is within reach. Contact us any time to get started accepting payments on your adult toy site.

What Makes the Adult Toy Industry High Risk?

According to research conducted in 2016 by Statistic Brain, ‘sex’ is the number one search item on the internet, with 72 million unique views every month. Additionally, using the excellent tool Keywords Everywhere, search terms like “sex toys” and “adult toys” make up more than 500,000 searches a month within the U.S. alone. With such good statistics, there is no denying the fact that adult novelty business is booming and sustaining our collective interest. Even with such good numbers and rising demand, accepting payments is no walk in the park. Adult toy e-commerce merchants still face a tough time finding a credit card processor because of their high risk categorization.

Why do adult toys and other adult-related entertainment businesses fall into the high risk category? One of the biggest reasons is that sexuality is still a sensitive subject. Unfortunately, opinions surrounding it often remain negative.

Another element is that the sex industry has specific age restrictions and other rules attached to it. The acquiring banks and credit card processors take this into account. These rules and regulations often make them uncomfortable when undertaking the risk of processing credit cards for an adult business.

Chargebacks are also an important factor to consider. Customers may ask for a refund if the product they receive was not satisfactory, or if they want to “pretend” they did not authorize a potentially embarrassing purchase. Statistically, this happens a lot in the adult toy business.

How do I get a Merchant Account for an Adult Toy Business?

Figuring out how to get a merchant account to run your adult toy shop is not always easy. The obvious reason being that most banks consider the adult-related industry to be high risk. Which is why accepting credit card payments can become a significant challenge. If you want to run a successful business and begin accepting credit cards through your e-commerce site, the best option is to contact a high risk payment processor that is comfortable working with your business.

Many small adult toy businesses are successfully set up on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and 3Dcart. These platforms have great website themes, user-friendly interfaces, and features. The features include inventory management, and the customer relations tools that you need to run an online shop. However, every online shopping cart requires integration with a payment gateway and a merchant account before making sales through Shopify or 3Dcart, for example. These e-commerce systems do provide in-house payment gateways, but they have limitations for specific business types. Unfortunately, more often than not, using the default in-house payment gateway is not a viable option for adult toy merchants. The risk of held funds and account shutdowns is too high with standard solutions.

We Have the Solution!

If you run a high risk business such as an adult toy shop, you need reliable payment services that can accommodate your business and handle your payment processing needs. If you are using platforms such as Shopify and 3dcart, then you also need to make sure that your processor is tailor-made for your industry.

E-Commerce 4 IM specializes in helping high risk businesses get the merchant accounts they need. We have the necessary experience and relationships to get it done for you. Our highly trained experts are highly familiar with Shopify and 3dcart platforms. Additionally, they also highly familiar with the needs of adult toy businesses. Contact us via our website or call us at 1-800-570-1347 and we can help your adult toy business start accepting payments today.

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