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Supplement Merchants Using Shopify

Nutra Sales Merchant Services | E-Commerce 4 LLCIn the world of e-commerce, there are now online shopping cart platforms to suit every need. Supplement merchants, in particular, need to take the time to understand not only the benefits of any new software┬ábut also any particular areas of interest. In this article, we will go over some important information as it relates to Shopify and nutra business. Many platforms have great design features, others have solid inventory control with customer relations tools and they range considerably in price and support. One of the most popular platforms is Shopify – small businesses, in particular, prefer the “ease of use” and layout friendly interface it provides. However, all online shopping carts require integration with a payment gateway and merchant account before sales are possible through the Shopify website. The Shopify system makes things fairly simple when it comes to new merchants accepting credit card transactions, however, this may not be the right solution for some businesses, especially high-risk merchants.

High-risk merchants

Supplement merchants using Shopify as a shopping cart platform may not be aware that their products are considered high-risk by many payment processing systems. As a result, using the default payment processing provided might not be the best solution. During setup of the payment processing neither the merchant nor the processor may be aware of the high-risk status of the supplements being sold. The Shopify e-commerce website is subsequently launched and transactions start to be processed. Everything is going well and both merchant and bank processor seem happy. However, inevitably it will come to light that the supplements for weight loss, colon cleanse, brain care and skin care etc. are deemed high-risk and one or several events may ensue.

1. Supplement merchants will be notified that they need to find alternative processing.
2. Supplement merchants can have their merchant account shut-off.

Thinking proactively

Supplement merchants using Shopify as their shopping cart platform would be prudent in taking steps to secure a reliable processor, and one that is tailor-made for their industry. E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers are uniquely specialized in the area of providing payment processing for high-risk businesses such as supplements and nutraceuticals, plus they have highly trained technical experts that are familiar with the Shopify platform. As payment industry experts and Shopify partners, we are uniquely qualified to help supplement merchants with Shopify.

Additionally, supplement merchants don’t already have to have a processor in place via Shopify to take advantage of E-Commerce4IM’s customer support. New merchants can benefit from ECommerce4IM securing a good payment processor and integrating the gateway/merchant account in preparation for site launch.

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