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5 Online Marketing Tips as We Head Into 2019

There is much more to Digital Marketing than just having a website and accepting credit cards. Digital marketing demands an all-encompassing strategy. You need to carefully consider your plan, as well as the infrastructure you’ll need to execute it. Otherwise, you could relegate your landing pages to the bottom of the search engine results pages (SERPs), frustrate your customers, and crater your sales. As leading experts in helping internet businesses succeed, E-Commerce 4 IM has put together a short list of things to think about as you develop your web marketing plan as 2018 winds closer to an end.

1. Have a Clear Vision of What You Want to Accomplish

When entrepreneurs get started in digital marketing, they often lack a clear idea of what their goals are. Of course, you want to sell your product, that much is a given. The real key is to go deeper and ask yourself the question, “how will I stand out in the marketplace?” There are over ONE BILLION websites on the internet; by asking the question “how”, you can more easily figure out what strategies you need to employ.  Your brainstorming session should result in a set of marketing objectives that include goals like:

  • Building product or brand awareness
  • Expanding into a new market
  • Selling high-dollar items to increase profit margins
  • Targeting a new customer base
  • Developing an emotional connection between your brand and your audience
  • Launching new products with profitability in mind
  • Using SEO research and strategies to grow your online presence

Choosing even two or three of these things will focus your actions and activities. Simultaneously, it will allow you to develop a digital marketing plan that’s focused on accomplishing specific, measurable goals.

2. Choose the Right Platform

In order to survive and thrive in the wild world of e-commerce, having an infrastructure that works for you—rather than against you—is critical to your success. First, you want to concentrate on selling your products, targeting customers, and developing your brand. Second, you don’t want to waste your time worrying about configuring landing pages, gateways, shopping carts, and other components that should “just work.”

3. Solicit and Display Real Customer Reviews

The internet has made word-of-mouth powerful again. By encouraging your customers to leave reviews or comments, you are basically getting free sales content from the people who love what you sell.  Carefully monitor your site for especially positive comments. Highlighting these positive comments can help you convert additional page visits to sales. What’s more, you might just be able to mine those reviews for marketing ideas that you haven’t thought of.

4. Content is King

Do you shop in brick-and-mortar shops that you just hate? Not unless you truly have no other options. This is also true of the internet. If your potential customers don’t enjoy navigating your site and it’s riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, they will without a doubt go elsewhere. On the World Wide Web, there are always other options available.

As you design (or redesign) your landing page and content, think about how it would look from a customer’s perspective. Remember that someone visiting your site may not know as much about your product as you do; so develop content that is informative, engaging, and welcoming. Furthermore, don’t fall into the trap of keyword stuffing your content. In brief, texts that are too heavily focused on including keywords often read poorly and are designed for older algorithms, not people. All in all, “keyword stuffing” can get your page buried at the bottom of search engine results since Google now hates keyword stuffing.

5. Choose the Right Vendors

The world is always changing, and the world of digital marketing changes at an incredible pace. Using the wrong merchant account, the wrong chargeback mitigation solution or being unable to obtain a funding source, when you actually need one, can have a huge impact on your business. You need to do your own research, read reviews, speak to vendors and colleagues, and make sure you are flexible enough to make changes when needed.

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