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Online coaching merchant accounts

You have the secrets that ambitious men, women, and growing entrepreneurs hunger for: a way to tap into a bigger, stronger, and better way to achieve their dreams. E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers wants to help you do what you do best by providing you with the ideal online coaching merchant account for your specific niche. After all, there is no lack of demand for online coaches, but accepting credit and debit cards online remains a frustrating challenge for so many qualified mentors.

We are more than happy to offer you some free online-coaching credit card processing advice, and we’re sure you’ll find that the merchant accounts we set you up with will fit the bill nicely. Contact us anytime to get started.

Online coaching is a “high-risk” business

online coaching merchant accounts infographic summarize EC4IM's services for online coachesIf you are not sure why you are having a tough time finding merchant account providers that serve online coaches, please read on below. With our help, you will be able to sustainably handle high-volume sales in no time.

Even with a great track record and excellent, proven cashflow over years of selling coaching services online, financial and credit card institutions still define the business model as high risk. There are different reasons for this, and chief among them is chargebacks.

When you sell personal and professional improvement, it sometimes does not matter how proven and solid your methods and systems are. There will be people who cannot quite make it work, perhaps because of a lack of commitment on their end – who knows? People can act rashly or try to lay the blame squarely on the product. This can trigger some to request a chargeback, which, in high ratios, can destroy your merchant processing ability.

The big difference between selling a simple, low-risk item like a T-shirt and selling coaching services online is that a T-shirt will be a T-shirt regardless of what the customer does with it. Online coaching, on the other hand, requires users to pay attention and commit to the solution you give them. This outside element is effectively what makes online coaching a high-risk business. By the way, we strongly recommend that all online coaches have a chargeback mitigation program in place to minimize potential problems down the line – even if it’s just to be on the safe side.

You might be wondering what being a high-risk business means for you and your online coaching business. It’s a great question, and the answer is simple: it means that you need merchant services that cater to high-risk businesses like yours – especially if you need to process high dollar volumes.

Ideally, you want a provider who specifically specializes in offering high-risk merchant accounts for online coaching.

Online-coaching-friendly high-risk merchant accounts

Using a high-risk merchant account that is specifically ideal for online coaches is crucial for your ability to process credit card payments online for the long haul. Depending on your situation, you may also need a processor that is capable of handling high volumes.

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we’ve helped high-risk business owners with their chargeback mitigation programs, payment gateways, and merchant accounts for years. We specialize in your niche, and we know exactly what you need from a merchant account in order to get the best bang for your buck.

Having the best possible merchant account for your online coaching business means more than getting more value per dollar. It also means ensuring that your ability to process credit cards isn’t hindered or stopped. Unfortunately, if you are not using a high-risk merchant account, you might experience frozen accounts or held funds, or generally become unable to process payments for your online coaching services. If you’re currently experiencing any of this, get in touch with us now. We can set you up with a solution that helps you accept credit card payments ASAP.

We can help your online coaching business process credit cards

Are you selling online coaching to entrepreneurs looking to start their first business? Or are you specializing in any of the following?

  • Coaching courses for landscaping, real estate, or home services business owners
  • Sales and marketing courses and coaching for IT or managed service providers
  • Coaching and guides for new or existing gym owners
  • E-commerce entrepreneur growth coaching
  • Holistic improvement coaching for personal, professional, and individual growth

If so, we will help you accept credit cards safely, securely, and with room to grow.

Start processing credit cards safely and efficiently today

Are you selling online coaching programs that unlock the hidden leader or entrepreneur in people? Or maybe you’re showing business owners how to truly turn their businesses into money-making machines. Or maybe you’re cutting to the core – unlocking the foundation of how people can truly reach their potential as people, spouses, and professionals. If this is the case – we are here to help!

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we are here to offer you specialized merchant accounts that work specifically for online coaches like you. With our help, you don’t have to worry about whether chargebacks will lead to problems in your ability to accept payments for what your customers sorely want to buy.

Contact us today – we look forward to helping you and your online coaching business safely and easily accept credit cards today!

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