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Event tickets, streaming, webinar, or in-person mastermind merchant accounts

EC4IM - Event tickets, streaming, webinar, or in-person mastermind merchant accounts - infographicAt E-Commerce 4 IM, we want to help you process credit card payments online for your online event tickets, streaming, webinar, and mastermind classes with the ideal high-risk-friendly merchant account. We will make it easier, safer, and more efficient to accept payments in the short and long term.

Even though promotions for event tickets, webinars, mastermind classes, and streaming are seemingly everywhere, it’s still tough to find suitable merchant services. Many who are new to selling these kinds of services are frustrated to find that few processors have the type of merchant account they need. The good news is that we are here for you. We will set you up with a specialized merchant account – regardless of whether you sell streaming services, online or in-person mastermind classes, or event tickets.

Are you looking for credit card processing advice and merchant account recommendations for your unique business model? Then simply contact us. We will find the ideal merchant account for your online business.

Why is it hard to find merchant services for events and mastermind courses?

If you’d like to know more about processing credit and debit cards online for events in general, we cover it all below. We will give you the best information we can – up front. We will give you the tools to accept payments easily for your services at scale.

What it means to sell nonphysical, high-risk products or services

If you have just started out and want to start selling your streaming, webinar, event tickets, or mastermind services online, you might not be aware that finding merchant accounts and processing credit and debit cards online can be a challenge. More accurately, it is a challenge without the right information and processing in place.

The reason why so many legitimate mastermind businesses initially struggle to accept payments is that they are not aware that they operate in a high-risk industry.

Businesses fall in the high-risk category for a variety of reasons. Most commonly it is due to financial institutions and credit card providers finding that these business types have higher chargeback ratios than more “standard” businesses.

Inevitably, running a high-risk business means that you need a high-risk merchant account and gateway, whether you are selling streaming services, webinars, masterminding services, or event tickets. It also means you’ll greatly benefit from having a high-risk adjusted chargeback mitigation program in place from day one. We always recommend that high-risk business owners set up a chargeback mitigation plan or program, even if it is just a precaution.

High-risk merchant accounts for your events business

All the best merchant accounts that suit event tickets, streaming, webinar, or in-person mastermind sales are high-risk friendly. This specification – high-risk friendly – is vital. It’s the difference between stable, safe credit card processing in the short and long term, and insecurity.

High-risk merchant accounts are set up differently than standard merchant accounts. They are able to handle challenges that naturally happen in the course of doing business as a high-risk business type. Volume spikes and chargebacks happen, but when you have a high-risk merchant account set up correctly, you are in much better hands. You will be able to continue accepting payments online for your services steadily and reliably.

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At E-Commerce 4 IM, we specialize in setting up high-risk-friendly merchant accounts for a range of high-risk businesses. This includes nonphysical products and service providers that sell webinars, event tickets, streaming, or in-person mastermind classes. We are also there for you if you’ve temporarily had issues and need help regaining your ability to process credit cards online. To make the whole operation run smoother, we will also set up a chargeback mitigation program for you to minimize the likelihood of chargebacks becoming an issue in the future.

If you’d like to safely and effectively process credit and debit cards online today and for the long haul, contact us now. We are always ready to help your event tickets sales and mastermind services with ideal merchant accounts.

We can help your online event tickets, streaming, webinar, or in-person mastermind sales

Do you specialize in any of the following services?

  • Entrepreneur or business owner networking services
  • Business and revenue optimization and entrepreneurial masterminding
  • Expert personal and professional training and webinar events
  • Experience and personal development event tickets sales and courses
  • E-commerce and online business transformation events
  • One-on-one coaching groups and in-person expert mastermind services

If this sounds like you, we will make sure that your merchant account is set up correctly – allowing you to safely and securely process credit cards over time.

Using a high-risk merchant account that provides stability and efficiency can help you get the most out of every dollar. Where more generic merchant service providers are excellent for most business types, they are unlikely to be able (or willing) to properly provide processing services for your business type.

This is where we come in. Your customers will be able to buy your tickets and pay for their mastermind events with ease. Contact us today – we look forward to helping your online event business grow.

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