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High Risk Merchant Services

We specialize in helping traditionally high risk industries find merchant services and accept credit cards without fear of being shut down. has a large and growing number of partnerships with domestic banks that helps us to stay in front of others offering High Risk Merchant Account Services. Below you will find some of the industries we specialize in.


If you are a merchant selling supplements or nutraceuticals online you might not be aware that you are considered high risk by many payment processors, and maybe even with your current merchant processor.
If you don’t have a high risk merchant account, your provider could close down your account and hold your funds for months. This would be a serious headache for any e-commerce business.

Being forward thinking and using E-Commerce 4IM’s vast experience in supplement merchant account acquisitions would be a good option in avoiding such an outcome. We are here to assist you in finding an account that would serve your online supplement or nutraceutical business with the most reliable and stable merchant accounts available.
E-Commerce4IM has a customer support team of experts that work with businesses selling vitamins and supplements for weight loss, brain health, sexual enhancement, and maximizing workouts. We specialize in merchant accounts for high risk e-commerce merchants that allow them to easily accept payments online.

We can also assist with integrating these specialized accounts into your current shopping cart platform, including Shopify, ClickFunnels, Woocommerce, 3d Cart and many more.

Coaching and Mastermind

When applying for a merchant account for a coaching or mastermind business there are certain challenges that come to mind and need to be addressed. E-Commerce4Im is here to help every step of the way.

Mastermind events and business coaching are helpful resources for companies looking to put a sales infrastructure in place. There are a lot of elements that are combined into a successful course and the ticket price for these can be quite high. Securing a merchant account that can accommodate sales for high ticket products and services is very important, and this is where the experience and guidance of E-Commerce4Im comes in.

Higher ticket mastermind sales can also increase the rate of chargebacks that might be incurred and this further pushes the coaching business model into the high risk category for merchant processors.

We work with some of the best processors in the high risk payment processing arena. These processors specialize in mastermind events and business coaching. We provide the support needed to obtain an account and to make your e-commerce business a success. We also offer ACH / E-Check accounts that save money on your transaction processing with fewer chargebacks.

Health and Beauty

Due to a history of “snake oil salesmen” offering miracle cures with a tendency for higher chargeback ratios, the skin care industry finds itself in a high risk category when it comes to payment processors.

The good news is that we are here to help you secure a solid and reliable merchant account with a processor that is willing to take the time to review your particular needs. A specialized merchant account for skin care sales is needed not only to accept credit card payments from your customers but also to help you grow your business. We have financial partners that are supportive of our skin care merchants. They will be there from day one and long into the future.

With our experience and banking relationships, we are able to help you get approved for an account that will grow with your business’ payment processing. We are here for you every step of the way, even after your account is approved. Feel free to contact us any time or any question big or small. Thank you!

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