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High-Risk Merchant Services

high-risk merchant services - infographicWe specialize in helping businesses in traditionally high-risk industries find the high-risk merchant services they need to accept credit cards without fear of being shut down. At E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers (IM), we have a large and growing number of partnerships with US credit card processors and payment gateways that help our clients stay ahead of their competition.

Our experience and relationships help streamline the setting up of a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway for your unique business type. We can help you process credit cards at the volume you need to succeed while helping you reduce fraud and continue to use the shopping carts, CRMs, and software platforms you prefer.

Specialized processing for specialized industries

Our high-risk business customers process credit and debit card payments online using Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and ClickFunnels. With this focus, we’re in an excellent position to provide the best service at the best price for our clients in the online coaching, educational courses, and mastermind event space.

Even if you’ve had your processing shut down, we’ll work to help you recover your ability to accept payments online. Whether you need a merchant account, a stand-alone payment gateway, or both, you’ve come to the right place.

Our expertise lies in assisting online coaches, educational material and course providers, and event tickets and mastermind coaching providers. We know these industries intimately, and we understand the inherent challenges that come with them. Consequently, we can find the high-risk-friendly payment gateway you need and get you set up with a merchant account that will give you a long-term, sustainable way to accept payments online.

Learn how we can solve your payment problems by reading below – or contact us here and let us get started on your payment solution.

High-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we specialize in helping high-risk business owners find and set up the hard-to-find merchant services they need. Whenever we set up high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways, our goal is to help you get the stability and security you need to grow your business and get the most out of every sale.

We want to underline that if you are a business owner selling access to online courses or coaching on a subscription-based model, you are considered high-risk by many payment processors and need a team of experts in your corner.

Without the right advice, your processor could close down your merchant account and hold your funds for months. This is a severe headache at best, and catastrophic at worst, for any e-commerce business.

Online coaching, event tickets, streaming, webinar, mastermind, and education course providers all face challenges when it comes to getting the merchant services they need.

We take processing a step further and ensure that you will have the security you need for those inevitable hiccups, such as chargebacks. With our chargeback mitigation programs, you’ll get near-real-time notifications and assistance in dealing with chargebacks.

Online coaching merchant accounts

We offer online coaching merchant accounts, which often aren’t the easiest to find. This is because financial and credit card institutions define online coaching as a high-risk business model.

Even with an excellent track record and a high, consistent cash flow over the years, coaching services have a hard time getting the credit card processing they deserve. However, there are solutions. With the right online coaching merchant account set up, you will have a reliable way to accept payments online for years to come.

To provide you with added security, we also recommend setting up a chargeback mitigation program. You can read more about it below, or read more about our online coaching merchant accounts here. If you’re ready to finally have a safe, secure, and stress-free way to accept payments for your online coaching, simply get in touch with us for more information on our online coaching merchant accounts.

Online-education-course merchant accounts

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we will set you up with specialized merchant accounts for your online education courses. We help providers across dozens of certifications. With us, business training and self-help niches get approved for the processing they need to grow their businesses. If you need a high-risk merchant account for your online course business, we’ll give you the tools to accept payments easily and at scale.

When it comes to value for money, the greatest benefit of appropriate, high-risk merchant accounts lies in their stability and efficiency. More standard merchant service providers, while excellent for most business types, are unlikely to properly supply online course businesses with the merchant accounts they need. As a consequence, we always recommend using near-real-time chargeback mitigation systems in addition to the correct processing setup.

If you’re looking for a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway for your online courses, simply contact us here. We look forward to helping your business grow.

Event tickets, streaming, webinar, or in-person mastermind merchant accounts

Are you looking for credit card processing advice and merchant account recommendations for your unique business model? Then you have come to the right place. While it is frustrating that so many legitimate mastermind businesses initially struggle to accept payments, there are ways to easily accept payments online, even when selling in a high-risk industry.

All the best merchant accounts that suit event tickets, streaming, webinar, or in-person mastermind sales are high-risk friendly. We will help you process credit card payments online for your online event tickets, streaming, webinar, and mastermind classes by pairing you with your ideal high-risk-friendly merchant account.

We will make it easier, safer, and more efficient to accept payments in the short and long term.

With us, your customers will be able to buy your tickets and pay for their mastermind events with ease. You can reach us here – we look forward to helping your online event business grow.

Platforms we recommend to high-risk merchants

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we have years of experience helping high-risk business owners, and over time we’ve come to focus on these three shopping carts: Shopify, WooCommerce, and ClickFunnels. They are excellent alternatives for high-risk merchants when correctly set up with appropriate high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways.


The Shopify e-commerce platform is one of the biggest names in the “all-in-one e-commerce solution” world. In addition to being a big brand that serves countless businesses across industries, they’re also high-risk friendly once set up correctly. However, it’s vital to use the right high-risk merchant account and gateway. This is because their out-of-the-box payment gateway, Shopify Payments, unfortunately will not work for selling most high-risk products.

We can help even if you’re having compatibility issues with Shopify. Simply get in touch with us – together, we can find the best setup for your online store.


WooCommerce is the shopping cart and e-commerce software of choice for high-risk merchants looking to use WordPress. WordPress is the biggest content management system (CMS) in the world.

Over the years, we have become extremely familiar with the ins and outs of WooCommerce. If you’re looking for a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway setup for WooCommerce, contact us here. We look forward to helping you grow with easy and stable credit card processing.


In the interest of full disclosure, we know the people over at ClickFunnels and have even been a sponsor at their events, and have been consistently impressed with their founder, Russell Brunson. But, there is a reason why we’re predisposed to like ClickFunnels. We find that ClickFunnels serves as one of the very best solutions for marketing and selling high-risk products or services.

Through ClickFunnels, we will set you up with the high-risk merchant account and support you need to sell high-risk products. ClickFunnels themselves see us as processing experts, as we’ve provided expert insights on payments for their blog.

In short, if you’re planning to sell high-risk products like coaching programs, or mastermind, or event tickets through ClickFunnels, contact us today!


Wix has become one of the biggest names in hosted all-in-one e-commerce solutions. On top of being loved by businesses across a huge range of industry types and niches, they’re also high-risk friendly – if everything’s set up correctly, that is. It’s critical to use the right high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways for your business type. The reason this is so important is that the basic Wix payment gateway generally doesn’t work for high-risk product sales.

Luckily, with our expertise in 3rd party payment processing integrations with Wix, you’ll be able to easily accept payments for your high-risk products. Simply contact us – we’ll find the best setup for your online business.

Chargeback mitigation

Fraud detection and chargeback mitigation software are essential parts of a high-risk merchant’s arsenal against chargebacks. However, if your chargeback mitigation system isn’t correctly set up or if it doesn’t offer the right features, it’s unlikely to help mitigate issues outside of the less-talented fraudsters.

Our chargeback mitigation solution was designed with this in mind. It will serve as your first line of defense in chargeback prevention. The E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers chargeback mitigation program uses unique service relationships with the card issuers to alert you to user-confirmed fraud and customer disputes. This gives you a leg up so you can take care of an impending chargeback before it has been issued!Clickfunnels Customers Selling Supplements Can Get Approved | E-Commerce 4 IM

The goal of our chargeback mitigation system is to drastically reduce the time and costs associated with chargebacks. We’ll make sure you’re notified quickly about any flagged fraudulent transaction. In other words, it’s quite a lot faster than the more standard time frame – from one day to six weeks – while also saving you money on sale costs, chargeback fees, and other possible costs associated with excessive chargeback rates. Often, this program more than pays for itself because it eliminates many of the chargeback fees you might typically incur.

Whether you need a new merchant processor or a chargeback mitigation program for your existing merchant accounts, we can help.

E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers

E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers (IM) has helped high-risk merchants for years now, ensuring top-quality service and integration support. We pair business owners with the best payment gateways we can find, supported by the high-risk-friendly merchant accounts they need.

We’re also happy to say we’re an A+ rated BBB accredited business.

Get the credit card processing you deserve today

As a high-risk-business owner, you have no doubt experienced frustrating issues when it comes to accepting credit card payments online, whether that is struggling to find the right payment gateway for your website platform, or trying to get approved  for the merchant account you need.

With us at E-Commerce 4 IM, you will get stable, secure, and effective processing for your online business. If you are struggling with frustrating chargeback issues, we also offer an excellent chargeback mitigation program. Contact us today to get started.

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