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WooCommerce online coaching merchant accounts

Are you looking for an online coaching merchant account that works perfectly with WooCoommerce? Are you having difficulty? You’re not alone – many business owners experience payment issues when selling online coaching services online. Held money and closed down merchant accounts are all too common.

E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers can help your online coaching business accept credit cards using WooCommerce.

high-risk merchant account online coaching WooCommerce - Quote Image - EC4IMWe often help online coaches set up specialized payment gateways and merchant accounts that integrate smoothly with WooCommerce. In addition, we specialize in providing payment processing for hard-to-place, specialized high-risk businesses.

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we can help your unique business overcome your credit card processing challenges. We have years of experience helping high-risk businesses accept credit card payments and focus on making the payment processing integration as smooth as possible.

Are you ready to start processing credit card payments safely and reliably for your online coaching WooCommerce site? Then contact us today. We’ll set you up with the high-risk merchant account and payment gateway you need for your online coaching business.

If you’re curious, have questions, or would like to know how we can help your WooCommerce coaching site – you can reach us here. We’re happy to give you the help you need.

You can use WooCommerce to sell online coaching services

WooCommerce is a long-held favorite for many high-risk businesses. It comes with all the features and functions you’d want and expect from a shopping cart – but it’s also open-source.

Open source means it’s easier for third-party providers to create native integration solutions for WooCommerce. As a result, we can quickly and efficiently set up your new, specialized credit card processing for your WooCommerce coaching site.

With the right high-risk merchant account and payment gateway, you can easily accept payments for online coaching services using WooCommerce. Even if you don’t already have a high-risk merchant account or a suitable payment gateway account, we can help. We’ll pair you with credit card processing for your online coaching business – that works with your shopping cart. Not only that – we’ll help you integrate your payment processing.

If you’re ready to start accepting payments for your online coaching WooCommerce business, contact us today.

Online coaches need high-risk merchant services from day one

If you’ve launched your online coaching site and don’t have high-risk credit card processing in place, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Using payment processing that isn’t set up to handle high-risk transactions can put your business at risk. In addition, a poor processing history can put your business at a significant disadvantage in the future when getting new or different processing.

On the other hand, if you’re about to launch your online WooCommerce coaching site and you’re reading this – you’ve taken a very positive step in the right direction for your business. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge that you need high-risk credit card processing, you can avoid common mishaps.

For example, while Stripe or PayPal are standard first-step payment methods that most businesses make use of – neither is ideal for many high-risk e-commerce websites. You can read more on PayPal as a payment method for specialized businesses here.

Providers like Stripe and PayPal aren’t ideally set up to handle high-risk transactions. If you run a high-risk business like coaching, you need to use specialized payment processing.

How to accept payments as a high-risk business

As an online coaching business, you’re selling a service that relies upon the customer more than other products and services do. For example, if you’re selling t-shirts, the product will always be a t-shirt with the specifications you outlined. However, the result of a course or a coaching session will depend on the customer’s ability and/or willingness to implement what you taught. As a result, online coaches do generally experience a somewhat higher than “normal” chargeback ratio.

Financial institutions and credit card processors categorize online coaches as a high-risk business for this generic chargeback ratio trend among your peers and competitors.

That being said, you’re not out of options or stuck. Just because most merchant service providers are unable to offer you their services doesn’t mean you can’t accept payments. We’ll help you get the credit card processing you need to accept high-risk payments online.

Start accepting online coaching payments using WooCommerce

Are you ready to start accepting payments for your online coaching WooCommerce site? We’ll help you get an online-coaching-friendly merchant account that works for you.

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