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High Risk Merchant Account Support Program for Click Funnels

High Risk Merchants Using Click FunnelsHigh risk merchants using the Click Funnels platform for their marketing and sales funnels now have the option to integrate their online shopping carts via a payment gateway to nearly any merchant account they choose. Not only can these merchants specify what processor they would like to integrate, but they can also incorporate multiple processing accounts into one gateway log-in.

For many years E-Commerce4IM has worked closely with Click Funnels and has now released a high risk merchant account support program to assist the Click Funnels users that are now able to connect their merchant accounts to their shopping carts.

Please see our article on the Click Funnels blog HERE.

The support program covers all aspects of the integration from set-up to ongoing account management and consulting. The following are areas covered with the program:

High Risk Payment Gateway One-On-One Support

The new payment gateway has many features that high risk merchants selling supplements, skin care products, affiliate marketing etc can utilize. E-Commerce4IM assists merchants with integrating the gateway to one or multiple processors, full account administration, load balancing/ product and campaign specific routing, recurring billing, user management, reporting and more.

Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Mitigation

Ongoing management of both payment gateways and merchant accounts for high risk merchants is critical. The support program covers consulting and training in both fraud prevention and chargeback mitigation tools, both of which are essential in maintaining a healthy relationship not only with payment processors but with customers. Our experienced team will work closely with merchants to manage their gateway, fraud tools, and merchant accounts.

High Risk Merchant Account Placement

Almost any merchant account can now be integrated using the payment gateway within Click Funnels. This is an exciting time for users because the addition of multiple merchant accounts through one gateway can increase business and provide more flexibility in terms of placing the right campaign with the right processor. We can assist with sourcing additional high risk merchant accounts specifically tailored for your business type and provide advice on topics like backup merchant accounts, and merchant account management.

Our one -on-one support program focuses on increased payment gateway and merchant account stability and is provided by our experienced and knowledgeable team.

For more information on E-Commerce4IM’s high risk merchant account support program for Click Funnels call: 800-570-1347

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