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Merchant accounts for ClickFunnels online courses

If you’re a ClickFunnels entrepreneur that sells online courses through ClickFunnels – E-Commerce 4 IM can help you process credit card payments.

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We’ll help make it safer, easier, and more convenient to set up a payment gateway for your course packages or services. We offer advanced fraud protection plus the ability to offer one-click-upsells, recurring billing, and subscription programs,

In other words, getting the high-risk merchant account that you need to accept course payments on ClickFunnels doesn’t have to be a frustrating or prolonged process.

At E-Commerce 4 IM, we pair entrepreneurs with specialized merchant accounts for online education courses. We help coaches and course providers across dozens of certifications, business training categories, and self-help niches get approval for the high-risk payment processing they need to grow their business.

Want to start processing your online course payments through ClickFunnels? Then contact us today.

Why online course payments are high-risk

Providing educational courses and materials is a great way to encourage and enable people’s growth. It’s a great pursuit that can be extremely rewarding. Nevertheless, it can be tough to accept payments online. Even finding a merchant service provider can be challenging. If you’re new to providing online courses, this can probably come as quite a shock.

The reason why it’s hard to accept payments reliably and efficiently online when you’re selling online courses is that your business is “high-risk.” This can sound intimidating, but all it means is that there aren’t as many merchant service providers that are either capable or willing to provide you with credit card processing services.

The reason for online course businesses being classified as high-risk is often due to a higher than average chargeback ratio than other businesses. Even if your materials and courses are of the best possible quality, the results depend on the customer. After all, no matter how good the teacher is, the student’s investment and dedication dictate how much of the teachings sink in. This can, unfortunately, result in chargebacks.

However, there are things you can do to mitigate the frequency of chargebacks and minimize the severity of these chargebacks.

Chargeback mitigation and reliably accepting payments

We often recommend using a chargeback mitigation system. It can be a great way to lessen the likelihood of chargebacks occurring in the first place. With a chargeback mitigation program, you can address many chargebacks in near-real-time. This is a great tool to help your business prosper and grow.

How to process payments for online courses within ClickFunnels

The right payment processing is a great advantage for your business on many levels. We will give you the confidence to grow your ClickFunnels business – instead of worrying about whether merchant account deposits are about to stop coming through due to payment gateway issues.

You’re also likely to benefit from reasonable rates when you get your credit card processing from those that specialize in transaction processing for your business type.

High-risk merchant accounts for online course providers

If you’re ready to start processing payments on your online course using ClickFunnels, then we can integrate a high-risk merchant account for you. Even if you’re new to providing online courses or just set up your ClickFunnels, we can help.

Get in touch with us; we can have a simple conversation about your venture, needs, and unique circumstances. From there, we’ll find you the best ClickFunnels-friendly-high-risk payment gateway we can to fit your needs. Even if you’re just starting, we’ll help you right out of the gate and pair you with a specifically online-course-friendly merchant account for your ClickFunnels.

Integrate high-risk processing with ClickFunnels

One of the things we pride ourselves on is making sure we have your back. We don’t want you to experience the stresses or insecurities of setting up payments on your own. We’ll integrate your high-risk merchant account and payment gateway from start to finish.

We’ve worked with ClickFunnels practically from its inception. In fact, we’ve even helped their co-founder, Russel Brunson, accept payments for high-risk products.

We know ClickFunnels, and we know specialized payment processing.

Get E-Commerce 4 IM’s expert insights and assistance today

If you’re ready to safely, reliably, and easily accept credit and debit cards for your online courses using ClickFunnels, you can reach us by filling out the contact form below.

We love providing specialized processing to specialized businesses. No matter your unique circumstances, we can provide you with the high-risk merchant account you need to accept payments.

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