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E-Commerce 4 IM Now Helps Shopify Users With Secure Data Imports to NMI Payment Gateways

Shopify remains a widely popular e-commerce solution, helping you launch a mobile-ready store, market the store from one platform, optimize for SEO, and integrate real-time shipping and robust payment solutions for your customers. Furthermore, the Shopify shopping cart feature is compatible with Network Merchants Inc. (NMI), a feature-rich, e-commerce payment gateway designed for giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to better manage their payment processing and merchant accounts.

We at E-Commerce 4 IM offer Shopify support for high-risk merchants, but we can also accept and import all of your sensitive customer data from Shopify Payments (customer information, credit card information, etc) in a secure and streamlined manner.

Secure Data Imports to NMI Payment Gateway

How We at E-Commerce 4 IM Can Help

By getting us to securely transfer your sensitive customer data from your Shopify Payments into the NMI payment processing platform, you can access and use this information no matter what happens to the older service. Even if it gets shut down, you’ll still be able to use the customer data for whatever your purposes, including recreating subscriptions with a new processor.

We can securely export all of your customer data from your current gateway. After obtaining this data, we’ll help you import the data into NMI’s Customer Vault, a specially designed platform that addresses security concerns about handling sensitive customer information.

Benefits of Shopify and an NMI Payment Gateway

Shopify is already packed full of rich features suitable for an optimized, streamlined e-commerce enterprise. By integrating the NMI payment gateway with your 3dcart merchant account, however, you can process online transactions in real-time, anywhere in the world. Just some of the benefits that NMI offers for your Shopify account and e-commerce store include:

  • Comprehensive, intelligently designed Virtual Terminal for processing transactions and supporting various payment methods, including ACH, credit cards, and debit cards
  • Customer Vault for securing and managing sensitive customer payment information
  • CertifyPCI automated tool to help you satisfy your Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements
  • iSpyFraud management utility to help you better detect and prevent fraud while screening suspicious transactions
  • ACH integration to expand electronic check processing options available for merchants
  • ATRI multi-merchant account balancing

Call E-Commerce 4 IM for High-Risk Merchant Support for Shopify

As a high-risk merchant with an e-commerce store, it’s more important than ever to ensure the proper e-commerce services, from web hosting and marketing to comprehensive payment processing. Through Shopify and an NMI payment gateway, you can achieve the best of both.

Call E-Commerce 4 IM today at 1-800-570-1347 for expert help importing your sensitive customer data into the NMI platform.

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