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chargeback prevention
Chargeback Prevention
High-risk merchants can sometimes feel like the mythical Prometheus when it comes to chargebacks. Each day, they chain themselves to their work, striving to detect fraud and prevent legitimate errors that might lead to chargebacks. But just when they think… Read more...
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High-risk businesses are often plagued by above-average chargebacks. Consequentially, merchants focus a lot of energy on identifying and rejecting fraudulent orders before the charges are submitted. However, in the process of trying to be extra-vigilant in their fraud prevention, sometimes… Read more...
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High Risk Merchant | E-Commerce4im
A match is usually a good thing. We all want to find the socks that match, the accessories that match, the job that’s a match – we even look for a romantic “match.” But when it comes to e-commerce, finding… Read more...
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