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5 Reasons to Integrate an NMI Payment Gateway with Shopify

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Shopify has quickly become one of the leading e-commerce platforms for thousands of sellers across the world, allowing merchants to establish a brand and access hundreds of attractive themes. More important than the design, however, is the performance of your e-commerce store’s payment processing gateway. As you know, Shopify offers an in-house payment gateway that requires no third-party account; however, your store or stores may benefit from another payment service.

Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) stands as a leading payment gateway when processing credit card payments from customers around the world. NMI’s Payments Enablement Technology gives you greater control over your business and allows you to accept payments for your business endeavors, including high risk online stores that sell supplements, digital products or services.

Featuring compatibility with many payment gateways from around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, integrating the NMI payment gateway with your Shopify account is easy. With the help of E-Commerce 4 IM, we can help securely and efficiently import the sensitive customer payment information from Shopify onto the NMI secure Customer Vault. In addition to secure transfers of customer payment information to NMI, we’ve provided 5 reasons why integrating the NMI payment gateway into your Shopify account serves as a benefit for your e-commerce business.

NMI Payment Gateway with Shopify

1. Process transactions from anywhere in the world.

Through the NMI payment gateway, you’ll have e-commerce support to process transactions from anywhere in the world and from any web-enabled devices. NMI’s Virtual Terminal is easy to use, it features a straightforward interface, and it accepts payments from ACH, credit cards, and debit cards.

2. Manage multiple accounts under a single login

As a payment gateway, NMI integrates seamlessly with Shopify accounts, and with NMI, you can manage multiple accounts under a single login. Therefore, if you’re managing multiple Shopify sites, you can use a single payment gateway with a single login. You can also generate reports from one place, instead of accessing multiple sites for this information.

3. NMI helps merchants satisfy PCI compliance requirements

In addition to providing your customers with a pleasant shopping experience, it’s critical to protect their data and satisfy any Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements. As such, when storing sensitive customer data, you can take advantage of NMI’s PCI-compliant environment.

4. ATRI multi-merchant account balancing feature for high risk merchants

As a high risk merchant, whether for multi-level marketing, FFL, e-cigarettes, and more, you may have to face higher fees due to the more expensive gateway solutions. NMI’s proprietary ATRI multi-merchant account balancing feature allows you to route your sales through multiple high risk merchant accounts, to load each account as you wish. This offers an important benefit for those who build an online store with Shopify and use the NMI payment gateway; as you route your high risk sales through the more expensive gateways, you can limit the number of products that are given the higher fees. In other words, you can experience greater control and management of your sales volume through multiple merchant accounts.

5. Securely transfer sensitive customer data to NMI

With the help of E-Commerce 4 IM, we can help you transfer your sensitive customer data to NMI. This includes credit card information and other customer information, and we can ensure a secure, streamline data transfer into the NMI Customer Vault, where you can use the data if something happens to your old merchant account or e-commerce payment gateway. For instance, if your old payment gateway shuts down, you’ll still have the necessary data to recreate subscriptions.

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Managing and securing your customer’s private data is essential for your company, especially when you offer subscription-based purchases or you want to keep the data of frequent buyers. No matter the needs, integrating the NMI payment gateway with your Shopify account is straightforward and can be completed stress-free. Additionally, Shopify users in Australia and New Zealand can also take advantage of this data transfer into the NMI platform.

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