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Plan B Merchant Accounts

Backup Merchant Account & Plan B Merchant Account

Often when you are considered a High Risk Merchant, you run the risk of your merchant account being shut down. Often even shut down at 4:30 PM on a Friday. That is why we always help our merchants along with new merchants with a backup account. What a bank up account is, is a merchant account you run just a little volume in to keep it active. This account is then ready at moment’s notice if needed. It can be a domestic or an international merchant account. The cost is normally very little, as you are still running transactions in the account.Plan B Merchant Accounts | E-Commerce 4 IM The purpose is that if something goes wrong with your primary account, you have a secondary account waiting to go live.

Unfortunately, we have seen it time after time that an account gets turned off and we get a call with someone who needs a new account yesterday. Often the reason an account gets turned off is not too serious or a big problem. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding or unforeseen issue. That is why a Plan B account is so important, so you are not hurry to get a new account if something happens.

To learn more about a backup merchant account or to get a plan B merchant account. We can help you even if your primary account is not with us, contact us today!

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