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ClickFunnels and Stripe – How to Sell High-Risk Products

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Have you recently set up your online business with ClickFunnels? Are you considering whether Stripe is a good fit for your business? E-Commerce 4IM can help.

Stripe is an excellent payment solution for most businesses and it’s the standard payment gateway for ClickFunnels. However, it’s not really set up right for most high-risk businesses. Industry experts, including Russell Brunson, recommend that you set up high-risk merchant accounts if you’re selling high-risk products.

If you’re looking for an alternative payment gateway to Stripe for ClickFunnels then E-Commerce 4IM can help. We’ll set you up with the high-risk-friendly payment gateway and merchant account you need for your ClickFunnels business. You’ll be able to easily accept payments in a safe and reliable way for your high-risk products.

Business types that work great with Stripe

Stripe is an excellent payment aggregation solution and it works wonderfully for the vast majority of businesses. One of the big draws about Stripe and similar solutions, like Square or PayPal, is that you can start accepting payments almost instantly. However, what enables Stripe to offer this quick-start feature comes at a price. That is, they don’t perform a full, initial underwriting process like more traditional merchant account providers do. As a result, neither Stripe nor PayPal is really a viable alternative for high-risk businesses.

Why Stripe isn’t a good fit for high-risk businesses

As we mentioned above, Stripe doesn’t usually perform a full upfront underwriting process, and without that process Stripe is inherently unable to truly understand the particulars of your business and industry. Consequently, they have fewer tools at their disposal to mitigate and manage risks.

Additionally, when you’re selling high-risk products, the likelihood of your business being listed on Stripe’s “restricted businesses” list is quite high.

This is why, if you’re selling high-risk products, we really recommend that you do not rely on Stripe.

Alternatives for Stripe using ClickFunnels

The good news when you’re selling high-risk products is that ClickFunnels is still a fantastic platform and option. It’s among the very best for lead generation and marketing, and even though ClickFunnels is comparable with LeadPages, our clients generally applaud and prefer ClickFunnels.

We’re big fans of ClickFunnels and its creator Russell Brunson. It’s no secret. We’ve made mention of them often and in glowing terms. But it’s not without merit, as client after client tells us how much they enjoy using it.

For example, one of the benefits of ClickFunnels is that we’re able to make sure you only need one gateway while using multiple funnels. In the same vein, you can easily set up one-click upsells and recurring payments as a high-risk subscription merchant. In short, while ClickFunnels makes it easy for you to market your products and create brilliant funnels to optimize your sales, they also make it easy for us to integrate the ideal merchant accounts and gateways for your high-risk business.

Gateways and merchant accounts for high-risk ClickFunnels businesses

At E-Commerce 4IM, for over a decade we’ve been helping business owners that operate with a higher risk than what most merchant service providers are able to assist with. Over the years, we’ve become increasingly familiar with what software works for what business types and business models.

This experience often leads us to recommend solutions and help businesses with ClickFunnels. Among the many high-risk businesses that stand to gain by using ClickFunnels, you’ll find some of the businesses in our specialty fields, including…

ClickFunnels with the right Stripe gateway alternative can be great for a wide range of high-risk businesses. If you’re unsure whether ClickFunnels is the right option for you or how you can best accept payments for your products, get in touch with us here.

Accept payments for your ClickFunnels business

One of ClickFunnels’ biggest strengths is its payment processing integration convenience. We can easily integrate a wide range of ideal payment processing for different types of high-risk businesses.

At E-Commerce 4IM, we’re experts in providing high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateway services to ClickFunnels users. We can offer one-of-a-kind, one-on-one support for your integration needs. If you’re ready to find an alternative to Stripe for your ClickFunnels business, contact us using the contact form below.

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