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Why E-Commerce 4 IM?

Sometimes we like to sit down and ask ourselves a question.

It’s a question that you’ve probably already asked, just like everyone before you and everyone who will come after you.

Why E-Commerce 4 IM | E-Commerce 4 IM

Why E-Commerce 4 IM?

After all, we’re not the only merchant service provider. We’re not the biggest (for those of you who think bigger is better), but we’re also not the smallest (for those of your who think smaller is more personal). It’s true that we don’t think you’ll find anyone who is better (even if they’re bigger) or more personal (even if they’re smaller). But why? Why us? And why now?

We think these are legitimate questions. And here are just a few of the answers our past customers have found to be true:

We take the time to understand your business

It’s true, there are companies who will issue you a merchant account faster. But it’s because they skip all or part of what we consider one of the most important steps – understanding you. They do this, not to make your life more convenient – because more often than not, it makes your life very inconvenient down the road when your account is terminated – but because it’s best for their bottom line to have as many paying clients as possible.

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The problem is that because they haven’t taken the time to get to know you, they don’t realize what to expect from you. If you’re a high-risk business, chances are you will have more chargebacks than a low-risk company of the same size and age. You might experience increases in the number of transactions you process and equally sharp decreases after your top season peaks. Things like this scare service providers who don’t understand high-risk businesses and who haven’t taken the time to assess the true risk your business presents. Then, when you don’t fit their expectations or experience “normal” business patterns by their estimations, they close your account.

Because we take the time up-front to understand your business, your product, your marketing, and your goals we are better able to assess your true risk. We enter into a contract with you looking for exactly what you’re looking for – a long-term partnership, not just another account number on the roll.

Our goal is what’s best for your business – not just what’s best for ours

Sometimes what makes a service provider the most money and what’s most beneficial for the customer are different. Our philosophy is to always look out for you first. That means if it’s in your best interest to have accounts at several different banks, we’ll encourage you to do so – even if it means lower returns for us. We believe that in the long run, looking out for your business is the best way to look out for ours. And besides – it’s just the right thing to do.

We help equip your for success

When you get an account shut down or penalized due to excessive chargebacks or a spike in the number of transactionsE-Commerce | 1-800-570-1347 | E-Commerce 4 IM you process, it not only hurts you now, it can hurt you later too. Merchants who have had their accounts terminated go on a special list called the MATCH (Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants) list or TMF (Terminated Merchant File). Once you are on this list, it is very difficult to get off and your presence in this database can cause other providers to refuse you services, no matter how you may have changed your practices in the meantime.

We help equip you for success by helping to pair you with providers that understand and accept your type of business, and who offer ways to help you mitigate your risk by opening several accounts, and load-balancing your transactions. We do everything possible to help you succeed now, so you can achieve even more success later.

We are entrepreneurs too

We understand who you are and what you do. We also know that you’re more than just an account number – you’re a real person with a business you love and want to grow. And we’re here to help you as real people who want to partner with you to achieve that growth.

Why E-Commerce 4 IM | E-Commerce 4 IM

Aren’t convinced yet? We’d love to talk to you to answer any other questions you may have.

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