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Credit Card Processing for Internet Marketers

Credit Card Processing for Internet Marketers

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We specialize in high risk credit card processing for Internet Marketers. We work with over 35 domestic and international banks to find the right processing services for you. If you are considered a high risk merchant, we can help you get processing.

If you have been shut down, we can also help you get backup processing as well. Simply get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you accept credit card payments online for your high risk products.

Are you unsure whether your products are considered high risk?

There are many reasons why a business is in the high risk category. Most commonly, you have high chargeback ratios that create risk for the merchant service provider and the business itself. However, for some industries, a “high” number of chargebacks are to be expected. This is why you’ll want credit card processing from someone who specialize in handling high risk businesses.

Another element that makes a business high risk is if it sells products or services with strictly implemented legislations and regulations from federal, state, or local level. This entails its own operational risks, but with the right processor you won’t have to worry about losing your merchant services.

Even the type of business structure you use can mean that you’ll be in the high risk category. For example, recurring payments and a number of transactions that take place online can place you in this category.

To learn why you may be considered a high risk merchant, see our High Risk Business Page.

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We help a wide range of high risk business types process credit card payments

We help with merchant services for any form of online selling, but specialize in payment solutions for the following business types:

Choose E-Commerce 4 Internet Marketers for your processing needs

We specialize in credit card processing for businesses that operate with a higher risk than other business types. Overall our team has combined 25 years in the industry, and we work for you, not for the bank or processor. We look out for your best interest when finding the right payment processing for your business. Contact us now so that you may accept online payments as soon as possible.

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